Team Mission

Trail Team Mission Statement

Twisted Trail Team’s mission is to help maintain and build sustainable trails in the Finger Lakes through cooperation between property owners, trail users and land managers. Sustainable trails support frequent use while minimizing the impact to natural surroundings and need for rerouting or long term maintenance.

Finger Lakes Trails Conference

As trail users and a trail building team, we are very grateful to have these wonderful trails. We are all volunteers that aim to work together with the Finger Lakes Trail Conference on building and maintaining sustainable trails. As well, we are committed to helping ensure that we help to build strong landowner and community relationships.

Any and all maintenance performed along the Finger lakes trails is done in chorus with the FLTC's Regional Trail Coordinators, trail stewards and any landowner and stakeholders. While we maintain a robust list of areas that need attention, maintenance, or potential reroutes, we plan our efforts carefully with the FLTC. Please do not perform any work on your own, without the specific instruction from the Twisted Trail Team, or the FLTC.

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Trail Maintenace

There are many opportunities to help us perform trail maintenance along the FLTC trail systems. We organize several trail work days and send out notifications via email, Facebook & instagram.

We also keep a long list of self managed projects if you have spare time and feel like contributing to the trail. Please note that FLTC and State waivers and forms are required to be signed by everyone that is performing work on the trail.

Chain saw work is prohited and must be performed by trained, certifed FLTC sawyers. If you are interested in becoming a sawyer, please reach out to the FLTC directly.

Trail Stewards

As a trail section Adopter/Steward you assume responsibility for a section of the Finger Lakes Trail, generally 1 or 2 miles in length. Working for your club or trail sponsoring organization, or with an individual trail sponsor under one of the FLTC’s volunteer Regional Trail Coordinators, you agree to visit your section three times per year. You perform routine inspection and maintenance: clear vegetation and fallen branches, pickup litter, refresh blazes and signs as needed, repair minor track erosion, check up on trail infrastructure such as register boxes, water bars, benches, bridges, board walks, lean-tos, etc.

" If there’s one essential ingredient to creating trails and trail systems, it’s people."

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