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2022 - Race Schedule of Events

Helpful Maps

Starting Line Map Finish Line Map Crew Route North Crew Route South

Shuttle Riders

For those of you catching the shuttle, you will be parking at the Champlin Beach. Please follow parking instructions! We have a very limited number of spots. Check the map on where to get on the bus. Masks will be required on the bus.

Parking Address: 8521 NY-54, Hammondsport, NY 14840, second driveway

Friday Night Eating

We don’t provide food on Friday night. If you are taking the shuttle, I’d suggest grabbing some food in Hammondsport before leaving. If you’re at Ontario County Park (starting Line), you can either order food to be delivered from Naples, or you can drive yourself into the village of Naples as well. It’s a nice drive, with a nice scenic overlook of Canandaigua lake. There are a ton of great options in both Hammondsport or Naples.

Drop Bags

Drop bags are collected on Friday night only. Please bring them to the Wilson Lodge (see map) before 8pm on Friday night. Please mark them clearly with your bib and last name.

Helpful Hint: When you are done using your drop bag place the bag in the “used drop bag box”. This will help us to get your gear to the finish line as fast as we possibly can!

Race Cut off and Dropping Out

The race will have a 20 hour cut off. Cut off times will be enforced. Runners must leave the aid station ahead of the established cut off time. Aid Station Managers and/or Race Officials will enforce this policy.

If you choose to drop out of the race for any reason, you or your crew must find and notify any aid station volunteer. It is critical that the race officials can maintain an accurate accounting of which runners are still on the course and where they are.

Failure to abide by either of the policies above will result in a lifetime banishment from this event.

Medical Support & Runner Safety

While aid stations will be stocked with a basic first kit for your needs, the race will not provide any formal medical support for runners. We have a medical director on staff. We also work closely with local emergency organizations in preperation for the event. If there is an health related emergency, call 911 for help. Aid station capatins have the authority to ask you to sit and be assessed for medical concerns. You are required to abide by their instructions.

It is very important that you stay on the marked trail. You will be running through very remote sections of Upstate NY. If you haven't seen a flag in 10 minutes you are likely off the course. If you are feeling like you are lost, it is important that you stay where you are. Do not continue or wander off the trail.

Gear Transport

Saturday, pack up all your stuff and we'll get it loaded onto the truck headed to the finish line. You must have your gear to the truck no later than 3:40am. Your gear will be waiting for you when you arrive. PLEASE KEEP GEAR REASONABLE! 1 bag, 1 sleeping bag, 1 tent. We do not transport gear for non-racers.

Crew & Spectator

There will be a limited number of locations where you will have easy access to meet, support and cheer on the runners as they pass through the course.

Crew will be limited to one vehicle per runner. We must stress that crew not try to gain access to non-crew aid stations. Our aid station locations are critical to our success. Unwanted traffic at these sites put those aid stations in jeopardy. We have had this problem in the past and will disqualify runners whose crew attempts to bend the rules.

If you are asked by a Race Official, aid station Manager or volunteer to relocate your vehicle, please listen! Aid station maps will be made available to help guide crews to aid stations.

Crew members are forbidden to support runners outside of the aid station areas. Runners caught receiving support outside those areas will be disqualified from the event.


Pacers will be allowed during the Twisted Branch.

  1. Pacers are allowed solely as a safety consideration for potentially fatigued runners.
    1. No physical aid may be given by the pacer to assist the runner
    2. No 'muling' or carrying items for the runner
    3. No aid (food, fluids, other supplies) can be given to the runner outside of normal aid station locations
  2. Pacers can only join in the race at two locations.
    1. Bud Valley Campground
      1. We have a shuttle that leaves from the Champlin Beach finishline area at 11:45am. It will take pacers to the entrance of Bud Valley campground.
      2. Pacers can park at Bud Valley, but cars cannot be left there overnight.
    2. Urbana Aid Station
      1. Pacers can park at the Town hall and run the last section with their runners
  3. Pacers may be running at night and therefore must have a headlamp or flashlight.
  4. Must register at the aid station they are starting at. Aid station volunteers will have you sign the waiver
  5. Pacers must stay with their runners at all times.
    1. Pacers must meet runners at the a aid station areas and depart that aid station with their runner.
    2. Pacers may not continue on the course if the runner being paced is pulled, or drops out of the race.
    3. Pacers must arrive and depart from Aid Stations with their runner.
  6. Only one pacer is allowed to be pacing a runner at a time. Runners can utilize two different pacers during the event.

If you are interested in pacing, please click the button below and complete the form.

Pacer Form

Finisher Awards & Time Bonuses

Women/Men Prize
1st Place $150
2nd Place $100
3rd Place $75
Women's Bonus Sub 11 Hours Sub 12 Hours Sub 13 Hours
Men's Bonus Sub 9 Hours Sub 10 Hours Sub 11 Hours
1st Place $1000 $500 $300
2nd Place $500 $300 $150
3rd Place $350 $150 $100

Trail Maps &

We have provided trail maps, and a course elevation profile with aid station locations. While you won’t get lost, we are pretty sure you will get worn out. With 10,000 feet of elevation gained/loss in the day, and no mountain to speak of, you’ll be climbing, and descending all day long.

Since we are following the FLT, we encourage you to stay tuned to current trail conditions, seasonal reroutes, and changes to the trail through the FLTC website.

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Aid Stations
& Drop Bags

There will be 11 fully stocked aid stations and a handful of quick-fueling stations along the course. We have worked carefully with the community, landowners, authorities, and the FLTC to locate these aid stations in the best possible locations.

We have provided you with a breakdown chart of all of the aid stations, and their locations and proximity to the starting line. Crew access and drop bags are not allowed at all of the aid stations. Also, don’t forget only one car per crew will be allowed!

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& Lodging

There is really no better time to visit the Finger Lakes region than in the late summer. There are hundreds of options available for you to find places to stay and enjoy the area. Bed & Breakfasts, Cottage Rentals, Hotels, Motels, and Camping.

Take your time to look around, and plan a trip to the area. There is so many things to do in the Finger Lakes. You'll be in the heart of the Wine trail, Keuka Pottery trail, and so much more. Check out our travel page for links and information.

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With a race this long we are always looking for anyone interested in volunteering to help make this event fun and safe for the participants. If you are interested in helping out, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We'll be glad you did!

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@ Ultrasignup

Don't miss your chance to be part of the Twisted Branch Trail Run.

Entry to the race will be limited to 150 people, so we think it's a good idea to sign up now.

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This race couldn't be possible without the support from our sponsors and partners..

Check out who they are, and what they are all about. You'll find cool stuff, and ways to give back to the trail.

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