About Us


Who we are

We are a small group of people who love the running in the Finger Lakes region. We are based out of Victor, NY. Our mission is to provide a supported, safe, and challenging ultra-marathon event which showcases the Finger Lakes Trail System, the beautiful forested areas of upstate NY. We are committed to protecting the health of the FLT trail system, as well as our relationship with the FLTC, DEC, surrounding community and the private landowners who make this trail possible. We will measure our success by the health of the trail, by our relationships with our partners, by the benefit to locally owned businesses, and by ensuring all runners safely complete the course.

The Twisted Branch event is one that has been nearly 3 years in the making. As the course passes through countless towns, villages, and parks, it too has taken us on a journey. It has brought new relationships and created good friendships along the way. I often tell people that this event chose us. We hope you are as excited as we are to bring an ultra to these amazing trails. We only wish that you will enjoy them as much as we do.

The main Finger Lakes Trail begins on the border of New York state in Allegheny State Park, and continues to the Long Path in the Catskill Preserve. The system boasts over 950 miles of hiking paths, including the following branch trails: The Conservation Trail, Letchworth Branch, Crystal Hills Branch, Bristol Hills Branch, Interloken Trail, and the Onondaga Trail.

The Bristol Hill Branch trail, which this race covers in its entirety, was conceived in June of 1962, and was the third branch trail which was accepted into the Finger Lakes Trail System. It was intially designed by the late Wallace Wood, as well as representatives from the Otetiana Council of Boy Scouts, Seven Lakes Council of Girl Scouts, and Penn Yan Senior Girl Scouts.

The FLTC has a great history of designing, creating, maintaining, and protecting nearly a thousand miles of trails in New York State. Without their hard work, dedication to both the land, and the relationships they have built with the generous public and private landowners that make up the FLT, these trail systems would simply not exist. We have planned this event carefully, keeping our goals in step with theirs, and ensuring our impact on the trail and landowners is a positive one.

It is our mission is to provide a supported, safe, and challenging ultra-marathon event which showcases the Finger Lakes Trail System, the beautiful forests of upstate NY, and communities that surround the trail. We are committed to protecting the health of the Finger Lakes Trail system, as well as our relationship with the Finger Lakes Trails Conference, the NYS DEC, surrounding communities and the private landowners who make this trail and event possible.

While this event will be held on the FLTC trail system with their approval and guidance, the FLTC is not in any way associated with the Twisted Branch organization or this event.

Impact to the Trail

We are limiting the number of participants to 150 people. We have also chosen a date that is late August to help ensure a dry, hard packed trail surface, which aids mitigating damage to the trail that can come with wet, soft conditions often found in early spring or late fall. The course, while already marked by FLTC blazes, will be marked prior to the event using temporary course markings. These additional markings will help to guide entrants and keep them on the trail at all times.

If you drop something, we expect that you will please pick it up. If you see someone else drop something, please pick it up. At the conclusion of the event, our dedicated volunteers will be responsible for collecting any remaining refuse found along the course, aid stations, as well as removing any temporary course markings. Please help to make the volunteers jobs easier.

Impact to Landowners

The Twisted Branch team is fully committed to making sure that above all, public and private landowners and the FLTC guidelines and by-laws are followed. There are nearly 150 landowners that allow this section of trail to pass through their land. We have taken great care to inform each one of these landowners about this race and how we plan to manage it. It is only with their cooperation with the FLTC that we will be allowed to run this event next year, and in the future.

While you are out on the trail keep in mind that you are on someone's land. Treat their land as you would your own backyard. Stay on the course, keep the trail clean, be courteous and most of all be neighborly. I'd expect nothing less from a bunch of trail runners.

We have also carefully located each and every one of the aid stations along this course. Each location we considered the time of day, cumulumative distance, and proximity to residences in the immediate area. You will note that not all aid stations will allow crew access. This rule will be strictly enforced. You'll also notice some are small, quick stop aid stations. These are designed to provide the needed support to runners without disrupting the surrounding area with traffic.

Fully Insured

The Twisted Branch Trail Run is a fully insured event.

Giving Back

All of our profits will be dontated to the local nonprofit organizations that have helped make this event possible. If you're interested in finding out more feel free to contact us.